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Relocation Made Easy It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're relocating, especially if you're changing jobs or have kids. One of the most important things to remember is to not procrastinate and leave all of the planning until the last minute.

Below we outline some tips that'll make your experience relocating a bit easier.

Moving Quotes: Pricing

We expanded on this a little in our article on storage. Before you contact your moving company, decide what you're going to keep, what you're going to give away and what you're going to throw away. You're paying for every pound you move, so try to eliminate as much as you can.

Moving Quotes: Get the Right Information

A reputable moving company will come to your home and give you a quote on how much it will cost to move your belongings. Many companies offer online or over the phone quotes, but try to keep in mind that you may forget some details that may inflate your final cost, such as stairs, narrow doorways or fragile pieces of furniture.

Even if you don't have a firm date on your move, it's better to get this step out of the way early.

Keep an eye on the weather

NH has some pretty fun winters. If you're moving in the winter, keep an eye on the weather forecast. Make sure walkways and your driveway are cleared so movers won't slip and fall.

Managing Parking

Notify your neighbors (old and new) of loading and unloading dates. Most relocation companies have very long trailers and will need special accommodations. This will also give you the opportunity to say hello to your new neighbors.

Treat The Movers Well

Consider offering the moving crew drinks and snacks. The cost will be minimal and the crew will be more productive. They'll also appreciate the gesture, which can't hurt. Be polite and let them do their job, they're professionals.


Your movers will compile an inventory list of your valuables. They will also write up condition reports on your furniture. Walk with them as they complete this step to ensure accuracy. This will come in handy if anything is damaged later on and you need to file a claim.


You may have to relocate because of your career. Your employer may request you to head up a new department in another state, or you might need to lend a hand for awhile. Your employer will likely know of your address change (they may have even hired the relocation agency!), but consider your spouse. Inform any former employers of your address change. This will make tax time easier, since old employers will know where to mail your tax paperwork.

Also remember to update your address with your credit cards, banks and schools.


Consider taking irreplacable valuables with you instead of shipping them with your moving service. Expensive jewelery, family heirlooms, photo albums, anything that you would grab first in the event of a fire. While movers are professionals and most do their jobs very well, it will help give you peace of mind throughout the moving process to know that Great Aunt Susie's diamond earrings are in your carry on instead of being watched by a stranger on a cross country road trip.