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Relocation in NH

What Does CRP Mean?

Worldwide ERC (also known as the Employee Relocation Council) is a relocation trade group. Among other things they provide indepth, detailed training to real estate professionals.

After a substantial training course and testing, a real estate professional can become a CRP. CRP stands for "Certified Relocation Professional." It is an industry standard certification that tells home buyers, sellers and private companies that an agent has gone through and successfully completed a wide range of additional training specifically relating to relocation.

What is a Relocation Service?

Many companies and governmental instituions occasionally ask their work force to move to a different part of the country. This can happen because of a number of different reasons, but it is a common practice; especially with senior management positions. These organizations often hire what is called a Relocation Service.

A Relocation Service is an organization who smoothes the moving process for a client. They will often coordinate with your organization's HR department, movers, local schools, governmental offices and local real estate professionals to ensure the stress of moving your family is kept to an an absolute minimum.

A real estate agent who holds the title of CRP has worked with Relocation Services in the past. They have the experience and training required to successfully find you a home in your new neighborhood.

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