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Showing Your Home

So, you've finally made the plunge and put your home on the market. Congratulations!

Each home is a unique and needs to be approached differently. But there are a couple of things that buyers and their real estate agents will be looking for once they start viewing your home. It's best to nip these things in the bud right away. Most listings get more traffic within the first two weeks than any other time, so you want to start off doing things right.

Take a Walk

The buyer viewing your house is a guest in your home and you want to make them feel welcome; but you also want them to imagine that they own the home. So you don't want to make them feel like an intruder or out of place.

When you have a viewing scheduled, consider taking the dog for a walk or taking the kids out for ice cream. A buyer is going to feel pressured if you're in the house.

If you can't leave for one reason or another, try to stay out of the way and don't move around from room to room. Turn the radio and television off. Remember not to volunteer any information as this might hurt the perception the buyers are forming. Instead allow your real estate agent to be the one who answers any questions.

Be Gracious

Consider leaving a bowl of wrapped candy by the door with a hand written note thanking the buyer for considering your home. If your real estate agent has prepared any listing sheets think about leaving those. This will give your potential buyers something to look over when they're discussing their day later.

Keep it Cool / Stay Warm

If it's sweater weather or above outside, turn up the heat. This isn't the time to worry about the utility bill. Alternatively, if it's warm outside turn on the air conditioner. This will give buyers a reason to linger and explore on especially color warm days.

Turn the thermostat a couple of degrees above or below the target temperature. This will keep a noisy HVAC system from turning on with buyers present.


Don't over do it. Stay away from scented sprays and strongly scented candles. Many people may find these smells offensive or think that you are trying to cover something up. Use a bowl full of potpourri. If weather permits keep the windows open.

Also consider putting a diluting a drop or two of vanilla extract in a cup of water on the stove. This will make your house feel warm and lived in.

Keep Everything Tidy

It's pretty easy to overlook the little things in day to day life. Try to develop the habit of keeping the house neat and tidy at all times. You never want to have to turn down a showing because you left a mess in the kitchen or didn't make your bed.

Also consider keeping trash cans clean. Empty waste paper baskets and kitchen trash cans daily. You may go through more trash bags, but it'll be worth it.